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03/09/25 - Command and Conquer Generals Maps
Visit my C&C Maps Page.
00/07/27 - ICONS
Here's some icons I've made for myself, figured someone might find em useful:

Winamp comes with an Advanced Visualization Studio plugin. It lets you design your own visuals that are driven by the sound. Basically, it let's you SEE the music, man. Here's my favorite AVS files I've made for AVS v2.0a6. (download these tiny files and put them in your winamp/plugins/avs dir)

WormHole EventHorizon SuperSpectro PerisanRugs ThreeRings ElectricSphere OilVortex NebulaVortexParticles **WestCoastRaver
**-The WestCoastRaver AVS requires the DANCEMAN font.