Command & Conquer Generals Maps


Tired of the uninspired maps that Generals ships with? Tired of playing on terribly designed, lazy, untextured bullshit gimmick maps made by the sorry excuse for a Generals community? Here's some tried and true maps from Time to get your gameplay on!

Grab these zip files and unzip them into your "My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps" folder. Make sure they end up in a directory named the same name as the map file. eg: Maps\Risk\, Maps\Risk\Risk.tga. By the way, I'm way too lazy to make these playable against computer AI, so these are Multiplayer only. But what other way is worth playing?


For the greatest 2v2 team game, look no further. The hills create 5 discreet channels for invasion. Central money and an odd number of channels means the fighting starts at the very beginning and goes until the end. Don't let your enemy control the dollars. But if he does, don't worry, you can always rush him through an open path. There's never enough money or time to cover all the angles. This makes for fast and intense gameplay, with unrelenting micromanagement.


The fastest game of Generals around. I like to play this one in a best-of-three format, where we do China vs China, USA vs USA, and finally GLA vs GLA. Or playing an endless string of random vs random is good too. If your game lasts longer than 5 minutes, you're doing something wrong. You've never micromanaged so furiously, and you've never despaired the loss of single unit so much. You can win this map without collecting a single red cent. How agressive are you?


My first map, it was built simply to allow us to play a fair-and-square three-person game. Of course there's never anything fair about a 3 person game, cause someone always gets killed first, and that guy thinks he got ganged-up on. There's a ton of money on this map (too much), but there's not a lot of room to build. Make sure to orient your buildings when you build them, don't block yourself in. And if you plan on winning, you've got to send a builder to secure an extra supply dock first thing. Just hope your neighbour isn't gunning for the same money.


The gimmick map to end all gimmick maps. There is nothing fair or balanced about this map, it was built to mimick a certain real-life place. I did my best to give each start position a fair chance, but there's certain geographical advantages in some places in the world that just can't be avoided. There's no supply docks, but there's supply piles everywhere. They tend to be where you'd find dense populations in real life, to give a focus to the layout. The only oil is in the Middle East. Generally, where there's money, there's no room to build, and where there's room to build, there's no money. The money runs out quick, so the flow should be fluid, as everyone moves around trying to secure resources. There's 8 start positions, but I've played good games with as few as 3 people. It's a shame I can't wrap the world around so Alaska meets Russia, as this would weaken the too-strong American and East Asia positions. This one is strictly for the joy of giving the territory meaning. The U.S. is too strong! He's hiding in South America! Burn the oil in the Middle East with your Migs! Nuke Australia!