Chopper Builders Handbook - Information Resource
- The "Chopper Business" is still in that stupid stage where the people involved think that they'll only be successful if they treat information as secrets to be withheld from people who might become competetive. The Handbook is one guy's ongoing project to rip the lid off and dole out the information that will give regular joes the confidence they need to start their own project (and create a customer base for the very people who hate to see this information "leaked"). And this guy has built and ridden for decades, seen it all, and knows what he's talking about.

650 Motorcycles.com - XS Custom Bikes and Info
- It's not the best organization, but you can dig through the images people send in of their XS Yamahas--from full restorations to complete redesigns--and get some ideas, or you can search for technical info like wiring schematics.

Design Cycle - Canadian Custom Frames
- Custom Frames made to order, for American OR Japanese engines. Regina, Saskatchewan. Good work for a good price. It's actually 2 shops somewhat merged, where Cycle One Manufacturing builds frames, and Design Cycle does the rest.

Precision Frameworx - Alberta Chopper Shop
- Big shop, toll-free number, friendly staff, this is a good source for parts when you know exactly what you want. They'll put it on the Greyhound and you'll have it the day after tomorrow. If I lived in Calgary I'm sure I'd have more good stuff to say.

Hi-Way Choppers - Local Chopper Shop
- Big wall of the little parts you need, and helpful staff. They didn't even punch me out when I admitted I was using a Japanese engine. Not much of a website, but it's got the address and phone number.

Mikes XS - Yamaha XS Parts
- Your source for any Yamaha XS part you can think of, including performance upgrades. Good prices to boot. Florida.

Dennis Kirk - Catalog Shopping
- Megastore for bike parts, this is where I get my mail-order Harley bits. The phone staff was genuinely friendly and helpful the one time I needed to talk to a human.

Midwest Control Products - Linkages
- Get your spherical rod ends or other linkage ingredients, for a reasonable price instead of completely ridiculous catalog prices.

XS 650 Engine Rebuild - How To
- Step by step with pictures; strip, refurbish, rebuild.

Sprockets And Chains - Info and measurements

BoltDepot.com Fastener Info
- How to measure/notate fasteners and threads, tables of bit sizes for drilling the holes before you tap, tables of all fastener sizes (diameter vs thread for coarse, fine, etc), Metric AND Imperial...

OPP Racing - Local Streetbike Racing Kits
- They have some trick headlights and taillights etc

EKChain - Coloured Chain (carried by Dennis Kirk)

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