Paint. Don't bother with Tremclad, it has a crappy nozzle that drips and the paint takes forever to try. You can't do good work with it. You want Duplicolour or this Canadian Tire Motomaster stuff seems just as good for half the price. The cans have an oval spray area that you can turn to be horizontal or vertical. And it just smells like proper paint.

First step is to mask off what you don't want to paint. I found there was no point in filling in threaded holes, they don't get much paint in them and the screw cleans it out when you assemble anyway.

So just like the can says, spray multiple light coats. You CAN do excellent work if you just have patience and don't get aggressive. Make sure the can is moving before you start spraying, and stop spraying before you stop moving the can. This way you don't get heavy in a single spot and cause drips. If the paint starts to looks wet, you're going too heavy and stop now before it drips. If you do get a drip, then wait for it to dry enough to sand the area smooth again and do it over.

I didn't go to the trouble of hanging the frame, so I just sprayed, turned it, sprayed again, repeat... New coats could be done after 10 minutes. The paint is dry to touch after 10-15 minutes (if you're doing light coats). The whole procedure goes pretty quickly, the work is in the prep.

It took 2 passes before the metal didn't show through, then another pass or two for good measure. But I'd say that only qualifies as a single coat. I didn't lay it on very thick. After the primer, I waited only 30 minutes before switching to black. I'm not sure if that's wise or not, but it seemed to work.

The nice thing about the orange primer is you can really tell how your coverage is on the colour coat. Colour is same process as the primer.

I wanted a semi-gloss or satin kind of finish on the black, so I used regular black paint but didn't sand between coats or clearcoat. So the paint ends up with an "orange peel" kind of surface rather than a sanded smooth finish which makes it more reflective.

I went though a lot of cans to get the job done. I think it was 2-3 cans of primer and 3-4 cans of colour.

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