With final welds done, the frame was ready for finishing for paint. First step was to get the thin layer of rust off the steel. Hand-sanding with sandpaper wrapped around the tubing was pretty quick, but the wire wheel was better.

So the frame was scrubbed up and ugly weld blobs ground off...but even my prettiest welds aren't ready for prime time, let alone the ugly mess of welding overkill I made between the round bar and battery box.

Bondo to the rescue. Another first. I had a couple of proper trowels, but found the hacked-off chunk of ice cream pail more effective in general, (more flexible, easy to shape). Still, the bondo is just to fill in roughly, the smooth blend comes from sanding. I've decided I'm not one for bodywork...not enough patience. I sprayed primer to confirm my blending on each bondo job. If it wasn't up to snuff I'd sand some more. Although none of them were really up to snuff, but they all qualified as "good enough for matte black". Or at least "not distracting to look at like the raw weld".
And then she's ready for prime and paint.

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