Tins and headlight went out to Starlite Autobody in Burnaby, a good shop. Victor will treat you well. You can't paint chrome, so I had to take the headlight apart and sandblast the casing down to the nickel (or even the steel) before handing it over.

After spraying the green I came in to help mask off the stripes the way I wanted. I kind of screwed up and made the stripes too narrow with a gap too wide between them...should have stuck to the dimensions in my mockup but I got lazy and second-guessy.

The finished paint has a lot of flake, and changes colour substantially based on the direction and type of light hitting it.
In shadow it's dark green and/or brown, but direct light turns it pretty much yellow.
It was technically teardown time, but I had to mount her new tins to get a look at her before taking it all down.
The underside and tunnel of the tank, as well as the insides of the fenders, were painted satin black. I wanted the underside of the tank to blend into the frame, rather than having a completely green glowing jewel perched on the plain black frame. The flat bottom of the tank kind of mirrors the shape of the seat, which ties things together even more.

I was going more for "black bike with green accents" not a green bike. In fact, the green front fender seemed to be overkill to my taste, so I've left it off completely.

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