It was a tight fit but I worked out how to fit all the electrical components inside the jackshaft box. The only real problem with the design is that with the jackshaft on top, you can't access this stuff from the top. So I made the sides and bottom detachable. As much as possible is linked with connectors.

- All that the "Safety Relay" does is keep the headlight circuit off until the bike fires up. This way the lamps don't steal juice from the starter (or drain your battery while you sit there with the key on trying to kick it over)
- The "Light Checker" I should have left out of the circuit. When I first traced the schematics I wasn't sure what it did and it seemed complicated to cut out. But it's pretty straightforward, just feed the brake lights directly and ignore the damn thing.
- The Rectifier takes the A/C coming out of the alternator and turns it into DC.
- The Regulator caps the DC that the Rectifier makes at ~14V, since the system makes much more than that at high RPM. It just feeds the extra voltage back to ground.
- The Flasher makes the blinkers blink. I had a bunch of plastic clamps lying around, but they weren't quite big enough. I plastic-welded two of them together with the soldering iron.
- The Ignition Switch is where you put your key.
- The Starter Switch is a relay that feeds massive juice to the starter motor when the starter button is pressed. It's also where the battery connects, and where the 14V coming out of the charger system lands.

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