It's tough getting a license plate and rear lights on a bike with such a wide tire and short fender. There's lots of the same kit with a license plate combo taillight hanging way off the side of the bike, which I guess matches the unnecessarily-wide open primary also hanging way off the side of the typical harley chopper.
But for me the tire is wide enough, so low profile on the signals was important. I liked the symmetrical approach as well, so I went with LED mini bullets on either side. Yellow signals, red dual-function for the running/brake light.
The fender is mounted pretty simply with a pair of bolts that screw directly up into the frame. Still to come is license plate lighting, probably courtesy of some standalone white LEDs if I can find some.


Turns out the LED brake lights have very little difference between the bright (brake) function and dim (running) function. Almost indescernable. (no wonder they're not DOT approved). So I grabbed a couple resistors to dim the regular function. There's very little current running through the LEDs, so it took a 300ohm resistor on each one (hidden inside the bullet) to dim it.

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