Sean can take credit for saying "how about 3 headlights?". I went for an asymmetrical approach, a cluster of small lights. It's a design like if you took the lamp cluster from only one side of a modern sports car. I'm going to go for asymmetrical colours in the lights as well (with a yellow filter), to help the bike stand out in traffic even more.

The only real drama was how to set up the mounting points...which was basically "pick the nearest bolt, and contruct a bracket to go between it and the base of the headlight. (The drama yet to come will be seeing if the XS's charging system can handle all those watts...) Here's the layout:

I'll add shots of the brackets and how they were contructed after I take pictures of them properly.

I mounted the main headlight off of the regular center mount hole. The bracket just offsets the hole. The upper side light is mounted off of the bottom of the riser bolt. The lower side light is mounted off of the same center mount hole with another bracket.

The main headlight mount was made out of leftover aluminum cutoffs from the 20mm thick rear brake bracket. Lacking a bandsaw, I hacksawed my way through it. The other 2 lights are much lighter, so I made the brackets out of scrap thick sheetmetal... squeeze it in the vice and bang it over with a hammer to get the bends in it, and then drill and tap it to take the screws.

Here's the whole bike with its face on:

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