Today we got the welder working for the first time. It's a 120 Volt welder, which means it can run off the plain house current that the barn gives us.
The only trouble is that draws an amount of current that runs right at the limit of the circuit breaker, and the circuit breaker isn't accessible without knocking on our kind neighbours' door. We managed to do some tacks, but after a few minutes of trying to lay proper beads we blew the fuse and all the lights went out.

Nonethless, we managed to get the tank's brackets on the frame. It was a team effort of Sean welding, Jason holding the tank, and me trying to look at it from every angle at once to make sure it was straight. ...In retrospect, the most important thing to line up is the gaps between the tunnel and the backbone. You can hammer on the brackets if you need to tilt them to level the tank, but you can't slide them sideways to equalize the gaps. We got it pretty straight with tacked-on brackets, then pulled the tank off to weld them securely.

With the tank on and fenders in place, the bike is taking shape.

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