Front fender is a Russ Wernimont "Stubby". It's made to fit an 18" x 3.5" wheel like mine. Easy.
The only work needed is that it comes undrilled, so I had to drill my own mounting holes. It's easy to tape some hose to the tire so you can rest the fender on and know you've got enough gap. The hard part is marking the centres of the holes accurately.
It's not too bad to get the front/back placement right using careful measuring and templates, etc, but getting the height of the holes correct on each side was hard, especially since it seemed like one side of the fender was a bit shorter than the other...
The top concern was making sure the centres were the correct distance apart, so when bolted to the legs the holes line up.

Aside from the 5/16" UNC bolts that thread into the legs, spacers are needed to get the fender in there so it tightens up snug. With the harley Wide Glide, I had about 1/2" of space on each side of the fender to fill (depending how much you want to pull or push on the fender sides...it's a fairly flexible fender). I just chopped up some long coupler nuts of a larger size as a temporary fix. We'll see if they make it to the final bike.
Here's how she looks with her current tins.

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