The front end has long last arrived (the wheel was back-ordered for 6 months). We leaned everything together just to get a quick look and feel for the general shape of the bike.

It's got 3-degree trees to try to bring the trail in (but I fear it's not enough). Most people go for a 21 inch wheel in front, I was thinking 19 to get the front and back closer to the same size and not so "by the books" chopper, but mostly I wanted a fatter tire in front than the skinny ones that fit the narrow 21 and 19" wheels. (Until a year later when they started making 3.5" wide ones). I didn't want a tall and narrow pizza-cutter in the front and a short wide fatty in the back, I wanted a more balanced look. (wide and meaty all over) So I went wide-glide up front with an 18 x 3.5 rim between them. The diameters front and back are nearly the same, but it does bug me a bit that the front is slightly smaller, especially with such long forks.

I think the reason the front wheel was on order so long is everyone goes 21 and so they don't really make them much. Production runs in the motorcycle biz are small and driven by demand.

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