Since the bike made it back to the barn from Sean's, then made it to my house from the barn, I decided to take a ride out to UBC with Shona on the back. Long story short we took a cab home, with the bike left parked on the street.
Fuel wasn't leaking out this time when I left it, but the other symptoms were the same. I came back to fetch the carbs to clean them. I went back to reinstall them. The bike wouldn't spark to life though. The blame fell on the battery, which had died from all the stalling and restarting. Once the battery was charged, it sparked instantly to life. But not before we learned some key lessons:
1. The reason the fuel wasn't leaking out of the air filters onto the ground was the bike was resting at a different angle, and the fuel was leaking the other direction, into the engine and into the oil. This was confirmed by getting a look and sniff of the dipstick. An oil change was in order before running the bike anywhere.
2. Install a fuel filter, genius!

We decided that obviously the tank was full of rust and garbage and was plugging up the carbs every time we ran the bike for an hour. With filters in the twin fuel lines we made it back to the barn no problem. We could have continued to drive the bike on its bald tires with its flaky fuel system, but we decided it was time to say goodbye until we could run it in its new frame.

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